In Photos | Reviving a Storied Past in Serampore, West Bengal

Tales of a colonial past and Bengal’s intellectual renaissance are getting a new lease of life in the a small port town.

A former Danish and British colonial city, Serampore (or Srirampur) is a historical treasure trove. It was once known as the cradle of the Bengal Renaissance and the state’s intellectual movement. The Bengali font type was invented here and one of the state’s first local language newspapers published here. The looming mansions, heritage institutions and a 300-year-old Durga Puja tell a story of aristocracy, culture and erudition. Today, thanks to Danish restoration projects, an active interest in revival and the camera lens of the Bengali film industry, the city is making a comeback.

  • Kounteya Sinha is a mountaineer, explorer and an urban nomad with a compulsive knack of running away from home since the age of five. After being a journalist for 16 years, his latest medium of storytelling is through images that he says nourishes his soul.

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