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A sofa designed after your favourite camping treat or a Lagoon Bed reminiscent of a geothermal spa—Script by Godrej offers a contemporary furniture line based on your travel experiences.  
Sponsored | Browsing Furniture Inspired by Travel
With your own customised ‘Lagoon Bed’, you can close your eyes and almost imagine swimming in a geothermal spa in Iceland. Photo By: Dieter Meyrl/Getty Images

From clinking wine glasses in verdant French vineyards to going camping in the wilderness of Masai Mara, Kenya, travel is all about making memories. Now, imagine if the furniture in your home could be designed based on the objects you come across on these travels, or even in your daily life? That is what Script by Godrej has done with its contemporary furniture line, which is ‘reinspired’ from things as varied as blooming flowers and paradisiacal water bodies. The designs, while being simple yet innovative, aim to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. With Script, you can make wherever you go a part of you.


Spend a Night Under the Stars on This Sofa

There are few experiences in the world that bring you closer to nature than camping. Wilderness as far as the eyes can see, a canopy of glittering stars above, and a crackling bonfire to keep you company.

While all of these memories stay with you, it is usually the bonfire that ends up being the most unforgettable. It provides more than just warmth—it’s where everyone gathers to share laughs and fascinating stories. And what good is a bonfire session without toasted marshmallows? It’s magical to watch the pillowy nuggets turn into golden, gooey morsels on being roasted over the fire. Now, imagine if you could experience this magic by sinking into a life-size marshmallow? It is possible with the Mellow Sofa, which is soft, springy, smooth and rounded, just like your favourite camping treat.

What would make your camping experience even better? Having your Mellow Sofa with you when you are in the heart of Satpura National Park in Madhya Pradesh or beside the serene waters of Lake Tekapo in New Zealand.


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Imagine a sofa as soft as a toasted marshmallow. Photo by: Igor Kardasov/Shutterstock

Dive into the Blue With This Plush Bed

Whether you’re soaking in the milky swirls of the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa in Iceland, or swimming in the dazzling blue waters caressing the Fijian island of Nanuya Levu, one thing is for certain: lagoons fill you with a sense of tranquility you didn’t know existed.

Now, what if you could bring that same feeling of calm into your bedroom? Set aside all your worries and wade into the brilliant blue shades of the Lagoon Bed, your own little slice of paradise away from the chaos of daily life.

Of course, you could always plan a holiday to one of the many lagoons around the world, each more stunning than the next. Closer home, you will find these water bodies in Kerala and Odisha. But if you’d rather experience a bliss-filled vacation every single day, your best bet is getting your own private lagoon in the form of the Lagoon Bed.


Sink into a Blooming Easy Chair

“When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment. I want to give that world to someone else.” This is what Georgia O’Keeffe, the renowned American artist known for her vibrant paintings of various blooms, once said.

One of the flowers that she famously painted is the luminous datura flower, which has also inspired a whole host of poets with its mystical properties. Poems and paintings aside, this pinwheel-shaped flower is also the inspiration behind the Blossom Easy Chair. Use it as is, like a cosy chair, or let it unfurl like a blossoming datura so you can lie in its gentle caress.

The datura flower has been revered for centuries across various cultures around the world. While it is native to North America, today, you will find these fragrant blooms even across continents in Mexico and Greece. But why travel so far when you can laze on the Blossom Easy Chair within the confines of your own four walls?


Enjoy the Luxury of Leather with This Sofa

As far as expertly crafted leather goes, every aficionado knows that it is the markets of Florence where you will find the best of the best—from fashionable shoes and bags to belts and coats. And who doesn’t love the warmth of a smooth leather jacket around their shoulders, collar up, especially on a chilly Italian evening?

Turns out, you can relive that feeling with the Camber Sofa. Made with soft and natural aniline leather—the most luxurious leather available to man—this stunning piece of furniture adds a dash of warmth, much like the collar of your leather jacket, to your living room.

You could travel the world in search of the perfect leather, from the markets of Barcelona to the bustling Sadar Bazaar in Agra. But nothing beats the feel of coming home to your very own Camber Sofa.

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