Sponsored | Lenscape: The Magic of Kolkata in Photos 8

Sponsored | Lenscape: The Magic of Kolkata in Photos

With her Vivo V11 Pro, a photographer watches the spirit of Kolkata come alive.

Riddhi Parekh, a travel and lifestyle photographer visited the charming Kolkata during Durga Puja.  She explored the city by trams and on foot, enchanted by the glitz and the energy that enveloped the otherwise laid back region.

Accompanied by a small team of photographers and equipped with her Vivo V11 Pro, she visited the iconic Howrah Bridge and the colourful flower market by day. As the sun set, Riddhi headed to the pandals where she was mesmerised by the celebratory hues of Durga Puja.

She encapsulated the magic of the place as took candid shots around the city – colourful graffiti in hidden lanes and the archetypical Kolkata trams and taxi. Thanks to the phone’s AI low light mode, she managed to capture the intricacies of the gleaming Ma Durga idols with ease at night.

Later, when she revisited the pictures, she realised that her Vivo V11 Pro had captured the moments exactly as she remembered them.

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