Sponsored | National Geographic Traveller India hosts the #LifeChangingPlaces Meetup in collaboration with Lufthansa

The event celebrated the idea of travel being a transformative experience.  
Sponsored | National Geographic Traveller India hosts the #LifeChangingPlaces Meetup in collaboration with Lufthansa
Photo Courtesy: Lufthansa

On 18th July 2019, National Geographic Traveller India hosted the #LifeChangingPlaces meetup in collaboration with Lufthansa at Hotel Aloft in Delhi. A roaring success, the event was a celebration of the spirit of travelling, which has the potential to transform our lives professionally or otherwise. The event kicked off with a heartwarming performance by music teacher Somnath Haldar and his students, which was received with cheers and applause.

The panel for the evening consisted of four eminent guests who enthralled a diverse audience through the evening – Alexander Schlaubitz, VP, Marketing for Lufthansa; Krithi K. Karanth, National Geographic Explorer and conservation scientist; Kunal Kapur, celebrity chef and restaurateur; and Somnath Haldar, the maestro behind the performance who found his true musical calling in life after a trip to New York.

From gingerly exploring new territory to revisiting time-tested bastions of culture for inspiration, the attendees were treated to four exciting and distinct stories over refreshing snacks and beverages. The audience also participated in the Stories of the World contest wherein they shared the life-changing experiences they’ve had during their travels. Ms. Ruchi was adjudged the winner and won a ticket to Europe and hence a shot at a life-changing experience of her own!

After the panelists had shared their experiences of travelling to life-changing places, the floor was opened to the audience members for questions. What followed was an engaging interaction that yielded priceless insights, laughs and a genuine appreciation of the idea of travel as a means to discover oneself, just as much as it is a means to discover the world. On that note of free-flowing conversation and the spirit of sharing and learning from others’ life experiences, the event concluded to ringing applause and a tangible wanderlust in the air.

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