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Video: Rewa’s Royal Recipes

Long famous for the white tiger, this city in Madhya Pradesh also has a strong culinary lineage.  
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One of Rewa’s most popular dishes is the Indrahar.

Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa has been long famous for the rare white tiger, Mohan. But, that’s not all; the city has a strong lineage of mouth-watering food dishes. The city’s geographical conditions have made it conducive for growing dal, hence one of Rewa’s popular dishes is the Indrahar, a combination of five dals, mixed and fermented overnight.  Another specialty is the dal ki puri. Rewa’s Rajputana background meant a lot of game on the menu; the Khad Ghosht was earlier made of barking deer or rabbit, but due to high conservation, this particular food item is now made of lamb. Between the landscapes, lakes, historic palaces and architecture of Rewa, there is a strong culture of great food that one must experience.

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