Video: The Surreal Experience of Surfing Under the Northern Lights

Plus, the guts and glory story of how it was captured on film. | By NGT Staff  
Northern Lights Surfing Iceland
Chances are, you came across photographer Chris Burkard’s photos of the Northern Lights while surfing the internet. Photo: Great Big Story/YouTube

The Northern Lights are on almost every traveller’s must-see list. For some, it’s just about enjoying the ethereal beauty of the lights while lying down on the snow, for others it’s camping out all night to get a timelapse video. But adventure photographer Chris Burkard wanted something more, so he convinced a surfer to ride Iceland’s freezing cold waves—while the aurora borealis lit up the sky.

As if that wasn’t crazy enough, on the day Burkard and his team ventured into the remote Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, Iceland was struck by the worst storm it had seen in 25 years. The crew spent nearly half a day driving through the blizzard to find a location where they could shoot. “After the storm subsided, we realised it had brought incredible surf,” Burkard says. Watch the daredevil surfer, Burkard’s unforgettable photos, and their crazy story in this video.

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