December 2016
  • Week 1

    Dec 1

    Hornbill Festival

    Nagaland’s annual Hornbill Festival will be held between in the Kisama Naga Heritage Village, just outside the state capital of Kohima. The event is a celebration of the state’s Naga culture and is named after Nagaland’s most famous bird. Nagaland has 16 tribes and this festival is a crash course in their culture, language and cuisine. Visitors can participate in indigenous games, enjoy music performances, and taste the local cuisine at food stalls. One of the highlights of the festival is the morungs, hostel-like structures that are unique to each tribe and built in different ways. More here.

    Where: Kohima, Nagaland | Duration 1 Dec - 10 Dec

  • Week 2

    Dec 10

    Mevlana Whirling Dervishes Festival

    To grasp the power of poet Rumi, head to this 10-day festival in Konya, a 1hr15min flight from Istanbul. Whirling dervishes spin to commemorate the poet’s death, a tradition that has been on since 1273, and is a glorious spectacle to witness.

    Where: Konya, Turkey | Duration 10 Dec - 17 Dec

  • Week 5

    Dec 31


    What could be better than bringing in the New Year on a beach in Rio? Watch stunning firework displays and follow the crowds to participate in a plethora of good-luck traditions to usher in a grander future.

    Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Duration 31 Dec - 1 Jan