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100 Reasons We Love Travel

Travel is a gift that keeps giving and for our 100th issue special, we asked diverse travellers to share 100 experiences that best exemplify their reason for being wayfarers.  
100 Reasons to Love Travel
A mythical cavern whose waters shine electric blue-green when the sunlight hits it, Rangko in Indonesdia feels timeless and wrapped in secrets. Photo By: Mbarafootage/Shutterstock

T.S. Eliot had his reasons, so does the Dalai Lama—and you can bet Oprah Winfrey has spoken about her’s. Everyone has their distinct, delicious reason for loving travel. Like grandma’s jar of pickles that changes tang and texture over time, but remains a thrilling fix to the oft-mundane meal of life, travel keeps on giving. For our 100th issue, we asked diverse travellers to share experiences that best exemplify their reason for being wayfarers, spread across 14 categories and many bewitching places. Perhaps you will relate to the photographer who found his calm in a seaside Thoothukudi church or being overwhelmed by a stranger’s kindness on the road? Read on and let your fellow-travellers remind you of the joys that await you beyond the dark lane of a pandemic.


Here are the 14 varied categories:

For the Love of Sublime Food

For the Love of Epiphanies

For the Love of Private Pursuits

For the Love of Time Travel

For the Love of Road Trips

For the Love of Family Time

For the Love of Kind Strangers

For the Love of Natural Wonders

For the Love of Testing Your Spirit

For the Love of Inner Journeys

For the Love of Extravagance

For the Love of Simple Delights

For the Love of Edgy Escapes

For the Love of Serendipity


Our 100th issue is all about 100 reasons to love travel spread out across 14 varied categories. Read all 100 entries on our digital forum or new National Geographic Traveller India app here.