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100th Issue Special: For the Love of Family Time

Family trips are special, whether you're hunting for fossils in Dorset or attending spiritual festivals in Bali.   
100th Issue Special: For the Love of Family Time
Hunting for fossils along Dorset’s Jurassic Coast makes for a fun activity for family trips. Photo By: Jordon Sharp/Shutterstock

62. Hunting For Fossils in Dorset

Ribhu held a grey pebble in one hand, a hammer in the other. “You see these white lines on the rock, that’s where you strike. This one has possibilities.” His back was arched low, his little fingers flushed from incessant hammering, he raised his hand to strike again. I looked around. Hundreds of Ribhus, grannies, and grandpas dotted the windswept shingle beach, their backs to the sea, hunting fossils. This is Jurassic Coast, a 153-kilometre broken coastline shielding 185 million years of history. Best times to visit are rough mornings when the sea and cliff conspire, leaving an ecstatic Ribhu clasping an ammonite in his bare palms.

—Swagata Ghosh


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