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100th Issue Special: For the Love of Serendipity

Travel can lead to chance encounters: whether it is in the Amazonian rainforest in Bolivia or at a hostel in Guatemala.  
100th Issue Special: For the Love of Serendipity
The Amazon Survival Challenge in a Bolivian rainforest included gritting tasks like building your own shelter and catching your own food. Photo By: Laszlo Mates/Shutterstock

4. Breaking Barriers in Bolivia

I met a Canadian guy on my travels in South America in 2017; we hit it off, and decided to travel together. As it happened, we wound up undertaking a rather intense three-day Amazon Survival Challenge in the Bolivian rainforest. I was informed that I was the first Indian to have ever been to that part of the rainforest. We had to build our own shelter from soggy leaves and branches, catch our own food and source our own water from rivers and water-bearing plants. We also ate live termites from a rotting bark—a great source of protein (and crunchiness!) according to our guide.

—Ankita Kumar


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