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100th Issue Special: For the Love of Sublime Food

What is travel without food? From sampling decadent cakes and pastries in Budapest to hunting down the best briskets in Texas—a full stomach makes for a happy traveller.  
100th Issue Special: For the Love of Sublime Food 3
Budapest’s Ruszwurm Confectionery is famous for its decadent cakes and pastries, but it’s signature cream cake is what brings loyal customers back to its doorstep. Photo By: Moo films/Shutterstock

51. The Grand Budapest Bakery

On a hot summer evening my family and I wandered around the cobblestone lanes of Budapest’s Buda district, on a quest to find the oldest confectionery in the city. Ruszwurm Confectionery’s pista-green exterior felt like a time portal into the 19th century. Dating back to 1827, the quaint bakery had retained the original cherrywood and mahogany display cases which were lined with all sorts of decadent cakes and desserts. We ordered five, including a tart cherry strudel and the Hungarian staple Dobos torte—a layered cake with chocolate buttercream and caramel. But what I still dream about is Ruszwurm’s signature cream cake—pillowy, vanilla-scented cream sandwiched between crumbling puff pastry, which melted in the mouth with every bite. Heaven.

—Lubna Amir


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