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7 Migratory Birds You Should Travel for in India

The best places in the country to go birdwatching.

India’s warm weather makes it a favourite stopover for migratory birds seeking respite from a harsh winter—and fertile season for birdwatchers who flock to greet the winged visitors. One such hospitable hub for avians is the Rajasthani village of Khichan, where locals have built a chugga ghar (feeding house) for the safety of migrating demoiselle cranes. Scroll through for migratory birds worth travelling to in India. High season is from October to March.

  • Dhritiman Mukherjee is as elusive as the animals he photographs. His photographs have appeared in National Geographic Traveller, The New York Times, Lonely Planet, WWF, UNESCO, Birdlife. He is a RBS Earth Hero award winner for inspiring people for conservation.

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