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Celebrating All Things Peru

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Lord of Sipan, ancient Moche culture, Peru
The Lord of Sipan of ancient Moche culture: Peru, a land of hidden treasures. Photo Courtesy: PROMPERU

In the month of April, National Geographic Traveller India and the Commercial Office of Peru came together to host two events, in Mumbai and New Delhi respectively, to celebrate all things Peru. These events included talks ranging on everything from Machu Picchu to beaches, their diverse food culture and centuries old history. Here are some of our favourite takeaways from the two events:



quinoa Peru

There are more than 3,000 types of quinoa available in Peru.
Photo Courtesy: PROMPERU

The Mumbai event was hosted at the stylish Lima restaurant and bar, where conversations oscillated between food tastings and the rich history of this Incan land. Between discussions, guests gorged on some delicious plates of fresh, tangy and lemony ceviches and sipped on some creamy yet light Pisco Sours.

1. For five years in a row, Peru has been voted the World’s Leading Culinary Destination by World Travel Awards. Even the world’s current best chef –Virgilio Martínez—according to the Worlds 50 Best Restaurants is Peruvian.

2. The transparent yet delicious brandy of Peru, Pisco, is made purely of grapes that come only from five specific regions in Peru. When these sweet grapes are distilled (only once as specified by law), pisco is produced.

3. Peru is the land of superfoods and everything in this country is available in exaggerated numbers, including potatoes, corn and capsicums. There exist more than 3,000 varieties of the quinoa in Peru.

4. And, recently, a variety of coffee from Sandia province in Puno, Peru was judged to be the Best Coffee in the World at the Global Specialty Coffee Expo 2017.

The country has something for everybody, foodies and coffee lovers alike.



The Meet Up in New Delhi was held at the Cultural Gallery of the Embassy of Peru, where the guests were delighted with life-size replicas of Huaco ceramic pottery, dating back to Pre-Columbian civilisation in Peru. The audience got a sneak peek into the colourful festivals, revelry and pageantry which form a part of everyday life in Peru.

1. Puno, a city on the shores of Lake Titicaca in Peru, is home to approximately 726 types of dances, making it the Folkloric Capital of Peru.

vicuna peru

Vicuña is the national animal of Peru.
Photo Courtesy: PROMPERU

2. The Sacred city of Caral, situated north of Lima, is the oldest city of the Americas. With more than 5,000 years of history, it is one of the oldest civilisations of the world.

3. Peru is home to more than 3,000 varieties of orchids, but it is believed that more than 50 per cent of orchids in Peru are yet to be discovered. Visits to Machu Picchu sanctuary should be timed in such a manner that you get a chance to enjoy a double bonanza–Machu Picchu and their rare orchids­ all in one trip.

4. Amazon, the mightiest and one of the longest rivers in the world, is born in Peru.

5. Vicuña, the national animal of Peru, provides the finest and most expensive wool in the world. It is believed that during the time of the Incans, only the royalty was allowed to adorn themselves with vicuña wool garments.

Peru is often referred to as the land of hidden treasures, but thanks to these events, some of these treasures are no longer hidden.

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