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Miyar Valley

In Photos | Chance Encounters in Miyar Valley

Along this Himachali trek, joy lies in meeting Gaddi pastoralists, traversing alpine meadows, and breaking bread with locals.

While on the week-long Miyar Valley trek, one of Himachal’s many well-kept secrets, a photographer was prepared to find treasures along the way. He just didn’t know what they would be. How different would it be from a mountain trek—trudging through vales of Alpine greens that erupt in knots of yolk-coloured dandelions, and Himalayan blue poppies? Turned out, very. Of the many discoveries he made along the route—the warmth of locals, and the naked joys of a nomadic life—made it to his photographs, along with some other stunning frames.

  • Mayank Soni is a travel and documentary photographer with a keen interest in tribal culture. He loves places one can explore on foot. When not actually in the field, he annoys librarians with his ever-increasing list of research books.

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