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In Photos | Coasting Along Ireland’s Causeway Route and Beyond

A week-long drive along the Irish coast leads to baronial castles, genial ponies and fierce foxhounds.

The Coastal Causeway Route along Northern Ireland’s eastern and northern coasts, is one of the region’s most picturesque routes. Starting from lively Belfast and going till the historic Londonderry, meandering along the blue waters of the Atlantic, the route leads to a fascinating piece of history at every turn. Being on the road along the Coastal Causeway Route, and continuing on to Dublin, Ireland, just adds a few more glorious chapters to the story.

Capturing these snippets of history means coming face to face with foxhounds, key players in an aristocratic sport played on the grounds of a Georgian-era estate; and strolls in the Ireland’s most spectacular gardens with fountains designed after Rome’s Piazza Barberini. There are war-time stories of the region’s oldest whiskey distillery and glimpses of the bucolic life of quaint, colourful villages. And away from the signs of civilisation, there are ghost stories, geological wonders, and an abandoned town reached by crossing a 100-foot-high suspended bridge.

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