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On her way to the TsoMoriri in Ladakh, Ritu Saini stopped to admire the bright yellow #autumn leaves of the trees flanking the majestic mountains.
Indranil Dasgupta's photo of the fall-covered foliage of Allan Gardens in the Garden District of Toronto, Ontario, is our entry for today's daily shot.
Gargee Chowdhury's visit to Vermont in the fall of this year rewarded her with the best of the season's bounty.
Anujit Sarkar's photo of fall in Salzkammergut, Austria is our entry for today's daily shot.
Smriti Sridhar's photograph of a fall-cloaked campus at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville is our entry for today's daily shot.
Today's daily shot entry is from Keerat Kaur, who set sail on a cruise along the Vltava River in Český Krumlov, during her trip to Czech Republic in the fall of 2017.
Ever since Pooja Choksi read about the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, she'd dreamt of visiting the place. When the time finally arrived, she was treated to fall in its full glory as bright aspen trees stood juxtaposed with snow-capped mountains.
Ranjini Raman timed her maiden trip to Canada in a way that she'd catch the fall of 2018. Accompanied by her friend, she set out to trek in southeastern Ontario's Algonquin Provincial Park, where they photographed fallen trees.
While trekking to Serolsar Lake in Jibhi, Kapil Virani soaked in the fall-tinted views of the Dhauladhar range. His photograph, taken earlier this month in Himachal Pradesh, is our entry for today's daily shot.
Come October, Lake Geneva—a resort city on Geneva Lake in southeastern Wisconsin—transforms to a fall-picnic landscape, where flora and fauna seem to flourish. Fontana Beach seemed like an apt escapade for Varsha Prabhakar, who had been eagerly awaiting the trip after months of being home.
On his way back to his hotel at the Panjab University in Chandigarh, Harsimran Singh captured the colours of autumn brightening up an otherwise busy street.
Amrita Namekumar's photo of the sun's rays peeking through the bright yellow autumn leaves of trees in Durango, Colorado is our entry for today's daily shot.
Seles Abraham's photograph of autumn in the picturesque town of Berchtesgaden in Germany captures the season at its best.
Mid-jaunt through her favourite spot in Augustenborg—a town in Southern #Denmark—Ling Sing Yuen noted how autumn had taken hold of the forest's colours.
A lone cabin in eastern New Hampshire's White Mountain National Forest caught Nalanda's eye. His submission of the structure, flanked by a fall-covered landscape, is our entry for today's daily shot.
En route to Bumla Pass in Tawang, which marks the Indo-China border in Arunachal Pradesh, Ritobroto Moitra halted his vehicle to snap a photograph of the misty fall vista.
Priyanjit Biswas's photo of a pathway carpeted with fall leaves—from his trip to Weissenau Nature Reserve near Interlaken in Switzerland last November—is straight out of a folklore novel.
Mahak Agarwal set out on her routine morning jaunt through the streets of New York on a cold November morning. When she came across houses surrounded by fall foliage in Manhattan, she thought about how lucky the residents were to be living amidst nature in the middle of a concrete jungle.
In October, Amlan Jyoti Das and a travel companion set out to explore Hundar in Ladakh on a bike. The duo were greeted by a colourful, fall landscape in the village that is otherwise famous for sand dunes.
Late in October, Rishabh Verma trekked to Khaliya Top at Munsiyari. The clear fall weather in Uttarakhand was favourable for carrying out the expedition, with the mountains acting as a backdrop for the yellowing autumnal foliage.
Horses graze in the green pastures of Khalsar in Ladakh. Vishal Khomane's photograph from his visit to the mountain village in September 2018 is our entry for today's daily shot.
On his maiden trip to the U.S.A., Athreya Murthy explored the many waterfalls and winding roads of Letchworth State Park in New York. The 14,427-acre park is roughly 28 kilometres long, and is covered in rust-hued leaves in the fall season.
Cycling through the Old Silk Route in Sikkim, Manash Mahanta was greeted with a landscape painted in the red hues of autumn.
Sandeep Mistry's photograph of the changing hues of the trees flanking the Plitvice Lake National Park in Croatia is our entry for today's daily shot.
Sirsendu Gayen's photo of kash phool blooming in West Bengal is our entry for today's daily shot.
Raghav Sethi's Autumn Diaries shot captured the changing colours of the season on Mariánské Hradby street in Prague.
His visit to Vermont in October rewarded Abhik Mondal with a striking aerial shot of fall in all its glory.
On a nippy November morning last year, Vansh Tiwari strolled on a bridge overlooking a dam in Barot Valley. The sight of Himachal Pradesh's mountainside landscape changing with the fall season is straight out of a renaissance painting.
The Scottish Highlands stun with the bright, bold colours of fall foliage.
On her way to the TsoMoriri in Ladakh, Ritu Saini stopped to admire the bright yellow #autumn leaves of the trees flanking the majestic mountains.
Purvi Priyam's photo, taken at Boslo in Uttarakhand, of the majestic mountains flanked by a foliage embracing the autumnal hues, is our entry for today's daily shot.
In 2015, Yashesh Joshi photographed a fall-swept landscape of Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. The burial site is also the venue of a special wreath-laying ceremony observed annually on November 11, Veterans Day to commemorate soldiers who've served in the United States Armed Forces.
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