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Go Now: Saving Heritage, One Frame at a Time

A photo exhibition in a Kolkata mansion calls for action to save Bengal's fragile architectural heritage.

A 200-year-old mansion in North Kolkata will transform into an art gallery this weekend. The occasion? A rare photo exhibition that attempts to preserve the city’s architectural heritage.

The exhibition, VIVA, will showcase over 35 photographs taken all over the world by globally known photojournalist Kounteya Sinha. The focus: marvels created by the human hand. VIVA is also the maiden venture of the Calcutta Heritage Collective, a voluntary citizen’s initiative formed with a vision to help resuscitate antiquities of architectural value in Bengal and Kolkata.

Sinha himself believes that a city is known by what it keeps. “Antiquities of great architectural value aren’t mere objects but stoic sentries watching time run its course,” he says. “Like a gigantic repository of human life and death and everything in between.” Sinha hopes that his photographs, displaying heritage—architectural, artistic, and social—will have lessons and inspire people to protect historically important structures in their cities.

So if you are in Kolkata this weekend, step into an old aristocratic Kolkata home and be ready to be taken on a journey of history, hope and inspiration.

Here is a small glimpse into the photographer’s work.

When: 17 and 18 March, 2018, noon-8 p.m.

Where: 48B Muktaram Babu Street, next to Marble Palace, Kolkata 700007

  • Rumela Basu is former Assistant Editor at National Geographic Traveller India. Her favourite kind of travel involves food, literature, dance and forests. She travels not just to discover new destinations but also aspects of herself.

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