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Going The Vegan Way

Whether it’s Taipei or Tel Aviv, these global vegan hotspots span a surprisingly diverse palate of flavours  
Going The Vegan Way
A plant-based Vietnamese banh mi, BBQ tacos or breakfast eggs are just a few options to kick-start a day for vegan travellers. Photo Courtesy: Ooh Cha Cha

For most travellers, enjoying food is a big part of the journey. So, spare a thought those for whom skimming menus with a microscope, grilling waiters and sticking to meat- and dairy-free foods have been the only options for a while now—the vegan traveller. Luckily for this subset of eaters, this is now changing.

Growing vegan movements around the globe and creative food innovations, like plant-based meats and alternative milks, have made it possible to plan a holiday to devour a crispy mock-meat patty or a vegan seafood platter.

Those with plant-based diets cite a variety of reasons for their choice, mainly climate change, animal rights and individual health concerns. Pop culture and social media have also worked as active tools in creating global awareness. Documentaries like Cowspiracy brought in questions of ethics and the Veganuary challenge incited a curiosity to try this new lifestyle. Most importantly, the availability of viable substitutes for animal-based fats and proteins have boosted the desirability of veganism.

We’ve rounded up 10 must-visit vegan-friendly destinations across the globe, speaking to writers, critics and restaurateurs who know it best.


This feature appeared in the print edition of National Geographic Traveller India November-December 2021.

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