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High on the Himalayas: Trekking the Pindari Glacier

The Kumaoni trail has jaw-dropping Himalayan views, tales from the Mahabharata, and a gushing river for company.

The Pindari Glacier Trek, a 90-kilometre trail through the Himalayan oasis of Kumaon, has both awe-inducing views and stories. The gushing Pindari River accompanies trekkers on this journey through rhododendron forests, while the Nanda Devi, Panwali Dwar and Maiktoli peaks loom overhead. Little montane villages along the route look straight out of drawing boards, their stone-and-wood homes displaying intricate carvings of mythological stories and their people reciting legends drawn from the the Mahabharata.

  • Kounteya Sinha is a mountaineer, explorer and an urban nomad with a compulsive knack of running away from home since the age of five. After being a journalist for 16 years, his latest medium of storytelling is through images that he says nourishes his soul.

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