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How to Travel Better in 2021: In a Personal Bubble

Whether in a caravan or your own vehicle, it doesn't get safer than travelling within a bubble in a pandemic.  
How to Travel Better in 2021: Personal Bubble
Road trips in campervans offer the ultimate luxury in pandemic times: travelling across the country with a core group, with minimal outside interaction. Photo Courtesy: Motorhome Adventures

The Roadie Rage


In a pandemic, it doesn’t get safer than travelling in a personal vehicle—whether to escape or to see friends and family across the country. Why not make that journey comfortable, and reduce contact with other people at the same time? Travelling in a caravan or a camper van is the perfect, most exciting solution. There are now several outfitters across India which give you the flexibility to rent one of your own for journeys. While some like Motorhome Adventures have been around for 25 years and offer campervans which can seat from two to 11 people, there are also newer companies like LuxeCamper, which started in June 2020 and haven’t looked back.

“We have been gladdened by the response from people ever since we launched,” says a representative from LuxeCamper. Currently, they have built two luxurious caravans powered by solar energy with leather seating, a kitchenette, and modern toilets, which can seat up to four people. You can book an existing trail or customise one as to your preference. The only caveat? They’re solely available for lucky Bengaluru peeps as of now, since all the tours start from there.

Fret not, for Motorhome Adventures have a range of customised caravans on offer, and itineraries taking you to Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and even Ladakh, and they’re open to their caravans travelling anywhere in the country (their longest rental has been 540 days!). All caravans are fumigated and sanitised before each trip, with a separate cabin for drivers. The vehicles come fully-equipped with kitchenettes and bathrooms, but the size and comfort facilities vary—and there will soon be a caravan with an in-built jacuzzi for those who want to live king-size on the road.

—Lubna Amir


Camper vans come under heavy vehicle license in India, and neither company offers a self-drive rental. Starting from Rs20,000 a night for a caravan inclusive of all meals, Starting from Rs10,000 a night for a two-person caravan, rates vary as per package with per kilometre options also available,


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