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In Photos| A Date with the Duchingam Bears

In Photos | A Date with the Dachigam Bears

A short drive from Srinagar, dizzyingly tall pine trees, blood-red wild berries and the grizzly Himalayan Black Bear abound this jungle.

When Mayank Soni decided to explore a forest on foot, he was convinced of his own insanity. But the call of the wild is irrefutable, and the photographer responded with a guided jaunt around the Dachigam National Park near Srinagar, where he set out in search of the Himalayan black bear. With some good luck and the “best guide” in town, he found them—some right in the middle of their pre-hibernation feast, some lurking behind the forest’s rich foliage and others, clambering up and down oak trees. The action found place in his photographs, along with the other treasures of the forest.



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  • Mayank Soni is a travel and documentary photographer with a keen interest in tribal culture. He loves places one can explore on foot. When not actually in the field, he annoys librarians with his ever-increasing list of research books.

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