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In Photos | Silver Linings:The Art of Chandi Ka Warq in Lucknow

In Photos | Silver Linings: The Art of Chandi Ka Warq in Lucknow

A photographer traces a day in the life of the specialised artisans, who fear their art might soon disappear.

Far from the crowds hovering over hot plates of Tunday kebabs near Akbari gate, a photographer walks down the narrow bylanes of Lucknow’s oldest chowk and stumbles across an old, old art—chandi ka warq—the making of thin, square sheets of silver usually found on sweets such as barfi.

 The history behind the art dates back at least 2,000 years, and points at the patronage of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, who ruled Awadh from 1847-1856,and during whose reign the art became particularly popular. At present, however, the precise and demanding craft can boast only a sliver of its former glory. Photographer Rashi Arora delves into its past and present.


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  • Rashi Arora is a Mumbai-based documentary photographer who captures stories around social issues, diminishing cultures, travel and lifestyle.

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