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Nagaland’s Hornbill Festival is a Fun-Filled Introduction to the State

With folk dances, music performances, and pork and chilli eating competitions, this one is a must-visit.

Nagaland is set to host its annual Hornbill Festival from 1 to 10 December. The state government organises the Hornbill Festival every year to showcase Naga culture and invite travellers to explore the state. The northeastern state has 16 tribes and this festival is a crash course in their culture, language and cuisine. The Heritage Village of Kisama, 10 kilometres from the capital Kohima, is transformed into a vibrant venue with mock-ups of tribal huts and numerous handicrafts stalls selling distinctive souvenirs. Revel in the glorious culture of indigenous warrior tribes displayed in the folk dance and music performances, and traditional games. Take a swig of rice beer or chow down on local dishes. For those who may dare, there are also chilli eating and pork eating competitions.

Get a glimpse of this festvities with this photo story (all pictures of which are clicked by Abhishek Hajela), for more information go here.

  • Abhishek Hajela is the recipient of the prestigious Nikon World Photography Award. He works with Olympus, Go Pro and Manfrotto in India to lead and design photography trips; apart from working with US photographers on India Photo Trips.

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