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Partner Content | Islands in the Sky

Partner Content | Islands in the Sky

A National Geographic photographer and a wildlife biologist embark on an unforgettable quest for the remote mountain tops of the Western Ghats to #UncoverTheEpic with the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

Amidst the diamond-studded night sky, high grasslands, short-canopied forests, mountain slopes and tea plantations lies a unique ecosystem that hides special denizens in the Western Ghats. National Geographic Photographer & Explorer Prasenjeet Yadav takes on an expedition to #UncoverTheEpic with the incredible Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra into the sky islands.

Follow him on his quest to capture the glorious and stunning endemic wildlife visible only to those who seek it. With Samsung’s dynamic camera, Prasenjeet Yadav doesn’t miss a single moment capturing glistening spider webs, tiny red-eyed Beddome’s bush frog, Gunther’s vine snake or even a dramatic pursuit of some boisterous macaques for a Nat Geo Traveller-worthy cover shot.


Text by Aathira Perinchery

Photographs by Prasenjeet Yadav

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