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Partner Content | The Globetrotting Plate: A Virtual Travel and Food Experience

Join National Geographic Traveller India and Foodhall's new series of culinary travel workshops to cook your favourite local dishes from countries around the world. Kicking off this weekend with a journey to Singapore.  
Partner Content | The Globetrotting Plate: A Virtual Travel and Food Experience 1
Immerse yourself in Singapore’s multicultural cuisine with our virtual workshops.

The first bite of fresh ceviche, zesty and tangy, can transport you to Peru. A sip of hoppy beer accompanied by a sausage-and-potato platter is enough to conjure Germany. Think soupy noodles, dumplings, stir-fry, and Southeast Asia comes into sharp focus, with a multitude of amalgamations and regions, all equally tongue-tingling. And, can barbecue even be said without thinking of the U.S.?

If you have a bad case of wanderlust and a hankering for delicacies from around the world, we have the perfect solution. Now, you need only to head to the kitchen and whip up a slice of heaven for yourself with The Globetrotting Plate, a series of collaborative cooking virtual workshops organised by National Geographic Traveller India and Foodhall.

This is your primer to six iconic cuisines from around the world, and a chance to try your hand at them in the comfort of your kitchen—be it a piping hot plate of Singapore’s chicken rice, barbecue goals from the American South or the simple indulgence of a pitch perfect pasta straight from the lively cafés of Italy. Relive memories of places you’ve been to, or plan future trips in conversation with a NGTI expert, and tick off bucket list meals, or plan a fun family cooking session guided by Foodhall’s culinary experts. Every country’s food will be explored in a series of two cook-along workshops, focussing on popular dishes, iconic street eats and unique traditions, ensuring a transporting and immersive experience for all participants.

The next module is on Singapore, where different culinary influences from South Asia converge to birth a food culture that is singularly Singaporean. Join Chef Manpreet Dhody, Head of Foodhall’s Cookery Studio and Rumela Basu, a foodie and writer starting Saturday, May 16 for a deep dive into the island’s culinary wealth. Take on spicy street fare dished out in the chaotic markets of Chinatown, and the legendary Cantonese wanton noodles and dim sum treats. Top it off with luscious bowls of laksa.

Pick up on how to adapt these recipes for your palate, based on the ingredients available to you, and learn as you cook along. The process is simple: once you register for a workshop, our team will guide you on how to join these exciting cook-alongs and also provide an advance shopping list of the ingredients needed.

Do keep an eye out for upcoming workshops in this series (we won’t give it all away right now, but rumour has it that Italy is next on the cards!), and travel through your plate during this lockdown.

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