Partner Content | #TheUneXplored Depths of Meghalaya's Hills | Nat Geo Traveller India

Partner Content | #TheUneXplored Depths of Meghalaya’s Hills

National Geographic Explorer Deepti Asthana encountered mysterious caves, glorious waterfalls and much more on her Meghalayan adventure.  
Partner Content | #TheUneXplored Depths of Meghalaya’s Hills
Photo Courtesy: vivo

On her excursion into the depths of Meghalaya’s lush jungles, Deepti found a stunning nature shot waiting for her at every turn. Be it the surreal charm of the living root bridges, thousand feet high waterfalls or the secrets held within labyrinthine limestone caves, the unparalleled camera of the vivo X50 Pro never failed to capture the best possible shot. Check it out for yourself!

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