Partner Content | #UncoverTheEpic in Kashmir With Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G | Nat Geo Traveller India

Partner Content | #UncoverTheEpic in Kashmir With Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

A National Geographic explorer embarked on a thrilling expedition through the valleys of Kashmir to photograph elusive Himalayan species using Space Zoom and 8K Video snap.  
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When National Geographic explorer and filmmaker Eshika Fyzee embarked on a mountain adventure through the misty, coniferous forests of the Kashmir valley, the powerful Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G backed her to spot and click a beautiful large Himalayan silver striped butterfly in action, a magnificent oriental turtle dove from afar, and scenic landscapes through the crevices of this paradise.

However, it was the opportunity to sight the mighty Himalayan black bear that took Eshika through and beyond Dachigam National Park to Srinagar’s centre and south of the valley. Find out how she geared up for her expedition picking the dynamic Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G over her bulky photography equipment, and follow her journey as she uncovered the epic in the wild with the powerful space zoom feature:


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