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When Creativity Meets Mobility – Magic Happens

The HP ENVY 15 can bring ideas alive anytime, anywhere.

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Photo Courtesy: HP

Imagine being out in the woods, and finally capturing that shot of the elusive bird that you have been chasing for years. Or being in the mountains and suddenly nailing that design problem you had been mulling over. That is the very nature of creative inspiration – you never know when it strikes. But in today’s connected and hyper-competitive world, turning inspiration into something tangible and shareable is what every creator desires. And to do this, every creator needs access to a tool has the speed and power to bring their ideas to life.

Enter the HP ENVY 15, a computing powerhouse designed for creative professionals – photographers, film makers, designers, graphic artists, musicians, and anyone in between. These roles not only require loads of computing power, but the ability to keep at it for long hours – be it in the middle of a jungle or a lengthy session at the studio.


Speed and Power

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Photo Courtesy: HP

The 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 (H-series) processor ensures that the ENVY 15 can take on any resource-intensive task with ease. Feeding into its immersive display are NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2060 graphics with Max-Q energy efficient design. You can go ahead and put the ENVY 15 through the most arduous tests you can think of, and it will perform just as efficiently. A carefully calibrated display ensures you can say goodbye to mismatched colour, and your audience sees the exact tint and shade that mesmerised you.

Since creative pursuits might take you long and far away from a power source, the ENVY 15 has a six-cell battery that lasts the entire day. It also comes with support for fast charging to revive itself before that coveted early morning shoot. Furthermore, its unparalleled fast boot times and massive 1TB PCIe SSD storage offers you a fluid technology experience.

On the connectivity front, the ENVY 15 offers WiFi6 – three times faster than conventional Wi-Fi – and Bluetooth5 which affords you a unique advantage that intensive video editing workflows demand. Compared to earlier versions, Bluetooth5 delivers an eight-fold increase in bandwidth with double the data transfer rates.


Durable Performer

The HP ENVY 15 is built on a rugged aluminium chassis, with diamond cut design themes that lend it a classy look. Within the understated exterior lies a gaming-grade cooling system that ensures the ENVY 15 does not overheat under any workload. The ENVY 15 implements a vapour chamber for superior and continuous cooling, an IR thermopile sensor for real-time temperature monitoring and HP Dynamic Power for smart resource and energy utilisation.


Optimise creativity

Partner Content | When Creativity Meets Mobility – Magic Happens 1

Photo Courtesy: HP

The digital world knows no boundaries, and creators must not be bound by cables. With HP Quickdrop, importing your photos and files from your smartphone is as simple as a tap on the app. Stack a few extra snacks in your backpack with all the space you saved from unwanted cables and dongles.

Ketan Patel, Managing Director, HP India Market says, “We realise that creativity is an expression that can strike anywhere, anytime. Thus, the HP ENVY 15 has been designed to offer versatility, mobility and portability to fuel a creator’s creativity.  This reiterates the HP philosophy – we strive to help bridge humanity with technology by constantly innovating and reinventing experiences.”

Not to forget the convenience of four dedicated settings for varying creative workflows. You can choose between default, performance, cool and quiet modes depending on your workload and environment. For instance, in case you are working in the dark of the night, and do not want to invite any attention while the world around you is asleep, the quiet mode ensures efficient performance. Moreover, a smart network booster on the ENVY 15 prioritises how each creative app you use can benefit from the prevalent network parameters such as speed, stability, and quality of internet service.