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A male black bug posses between the tall trees

Postcards From Wild India: Blackbuck National Park

Forestscapes to travel for.

The blackbuck is the star at India’s only tropical grasslands national park. This graceful animal shares the landscape of Gujarat’s Blackbuck National Park with golden jackals, striped hyenas, harriers, lesser floricans and the endangered Indian wolf. Located at Valavadar, in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat, this park is the site of ongoing conservation programmes. Glimpse some of the national park’s beautiful residents in the following photos.

  • Sandeep Mall may be a businessman by profession but his real passion lies in the wilderness. One of the founders at Saevus Wildlife Magazine, he travels and photographs moments from the wild. He has won photography awards at DJMPC 2014 and Cameraderie 2014.

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