Readers’ Response: Egg-static Endeavours

On World Egg Day, NGTI readers recall the best egg dishes they've had over the world—and just where to find them. Read more on Nat Geo Traveller India.

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Kerala-style egg curry, served with puttu. Appam and parotta also commonly serve as sides.


Few utterances inspire the passion for eating that shakshuka does. For many, the heaviest breakfast in the world is incomplete without their scrambled eggs—the culturally inclined might even opt for the akuri. In Vietnam, cà phê trứng is a legit egg dish, so what if it is just coffee? All over Andhra Pradesh, egg bonda rules the streets, just like balut does across Philippines and Cambodia. Eggs are a part of our daily sustenance in more ways than we can imagine. But they’ve also inspired countless memorable recipes in various parts of the world. We wanted to hear about your most interesting trysts with the egg dish—from tortilla Española and huevos rancheros to even smashing egg curries across India. Here’s featuring the best of the lot.


Burmese Egg Bhejo, Georgetown

Egg bhejo is a delicious appetiser filled with amazing tangy and spicy fillings with spiced garlic and onions. It was traditionally prepared by Burmese settlers in Madras. I would run from the suburbs to Parry’s Corner in Georgetown, only to relish this. It can be had on its own or along with atho. And then, muttai thokku (egg curry) has always been my amma’s go to dish when we crave for something spicy that’s not very heavy. The taste of sesame oil, aroma of whole spices and the curry base make this egg dish heavenly. Never goes wrong with rice or roti.

-Swathi Balamurugan, Bengaluru (@celestial_thing_)


Turkish Poached Eggs, Khajuraho

I had it in a restaurant in Khajuraho. It was served in a white plate, the reddish chili and garlic butter sauce spilling over the base yoghurt with water poached egg. I never knew until then that water-poached egg tastes great with yoghurt mixed with garlic butter. It was served with crunchy bread to be dipped in it.

-Susmita Paul, Deoghar (@sayonara.susmita)


Egg Devil Chop, Purba Bardhaman

The crispy deliciousness of egg devil chop a.k.a. dim’er devil conjures up images of my grandfather’s ancestral home at Katwa (Purba Bardhaman). The dish would be ordered by grandma as our special evening treat. She would send off the older cousins to buy the patty (chop) from the neighbouring market during Kaali Pujo or around Diwali. We would then huddle together to savour the lip-smacking “devil”, amidst banter and bonhomie. Yet, the most unforgettable flavour of egg devil will be the one served on our visit to grandpa’s cousin’s home. It was lovingly prepared by his wife—our dainty, freshly talcumed Thakuma. Not too spicy, not too oily, and just the right flavours to dig into. Deep-fried in copious amounts of oil, this dish with a thick coating of breaded potato, envelopes one wholesome egg. It always proved to be the warmest embrace for our young, non-calorie-conscious soul. More recently, our 24-hour, gourmet-loving house help from Katwa, replicated the recipe during the pandemic. This turned out to be our indulgence in grim times—a comfort food that kept our hopes alive.

-Natasha Sinha, Gurugram (@natasha_musing)


Readers' Responses: Egg Static Endeavours

The fluffy and luscious omelette, tamagoyaki, just melts in your mouth; çılbır, a traditional Turkish recipe, is served as mezze.

Ros Omelette, Goa

I love ros omelette, a Goan street food available on roadside stalls. It is basically an omelette served along with chicken xacuti gravy, chopped onion, slice of lemon and goan pav or local bread. Two good places to have it at are Mahesh Bar and Restaurant, also famous all over Goa for its Goan chili chicken (located at Ramnathi, Ponda, and also famous as Sadu’s Bar), and Aashrut Ros Omelette Stall (near Government Office Complex, Ponda).

-Parth Prabhu Shastri, Goa (@parthprabhushastri)


Eggs Benedict, Toronto

The most memorable egg dish I’ve had was the Eggs Benedict that I had when I was staying at the Fairmont Royal York hotel in Toronto, Canada. This was part of the breakfast spread at the hotel. It was so yummy that I had it every day for my entire stay there.

-Sujata Raj, Hyderabad (@sujataraj17)


French Omelette, Montpellier

In 2015, I had French Omelette for the first time in Montpellier in southern France, for breakfast. The omelette has loads of butter and the softest centre due to the same. It’s simple and no added condiments are needed, and with toasts, it tastes heavenly. It’s absolute melt-in-mouth in the truest sense of the term. Made with two eggs, the French omelette is quite a filling, satisfying breakfast for sure. I never forget my first experience of it and repeat it in India quite often. And every time, it’s a major hit with me.

-Madhumita Bishnu, Kolkata (@madhubish)


Menemen, Istanbul

A Turkish breakfast dish, menemen is served with freshly baked bread. Menemen is made with eggs, cheese, and tomato puree, cooked with sumac. I had it for the first time on my trip to Turkey in May 2022, at Velvet Cafe near Galata Tower.

-Raksha, Mumbai (@lovefreesoul)


Egg Curry, all around India

If you want to prepare just one dish that can be teamed up with fluffy rotis or a piping-hot bowl of rice, egg curry is the undisputed choice, be it home or an outdoor dhaba meal or a family outing all across India. This is a comforting, succulent Indian dish of curried eggs, made with hard-boiled eggs tossed in butter and spices, spruced up with a delectable gravy of onions, tomatoes, whole and ground spices, boiled peas and garnished with fresh coriander sprigs. Mildly spicy and delectable, the egg curry surely appeals to all egg lovers as the main course choice, especially during the winter months.

-Meeta Athavale, Bhopal (@meetaathavale)


Koni Aloo Pitika, Assam

Whether I want something lip-smacking or comfy—eggs have always been my go-to food. One egg dish that is close to my heart is koni aloo pitika (translating to mashed eggs and potatoes). This a staple Assamese comfort food that might sound boring but is extremely popular in the region. It is basically mashing boiled potatoes into a smooth consistency and boiled eggs into a chunky consistency, and mixing both together. So you get both—the smoothness of the potato and the bite of the egg. To add zing, we add finely chopped red onion bits, green chili, salt and butter. It tastes heavenly every time and reminds me of home when I am living in another city. You will rarely find this dish in restaurants and never on the streets because it is a signature home-cooked dish. It became a highlight among my friends when I started living in France because it is like a twist to their staple mashed-potatoes-with-eggs dish. In fact, they were surprised that Indian dishes can be without spices as well. I want to bring a different side of India to the world and make Assamese cuisine mainstream worldwide.

-Priyanka Tamuley, Guwahati (@murkitchen)


Egg Curry, Kerala

Kerala egg curry to accompany appam or Malabar parotta—with the distinct flavour of fennel seed powder in a tomato-onion-ginger-garlic gravy, and base notes of common spices like coriander powder, red chili powder, turmeric and a pinch of asafoetida. And finally, a coconut oil seasoning with mustard and curry leaves—all coming together as a gravy, befitting boiled and halved eggs.

-Saritha Rao Rayachoti, Chennai (@saritharaorayachoti)


Oeufs en Cocotte, London

My absolute favorite egg dish is oeufs en cocotte, which I had at a French restaurant in London. There’s something comfy and homey about this fancy meal, whose name translates to ‘eggs in a pot’, served in ramekins straight out of the oven. This often-forgotten French recipe is very easy to customise and can be adapted to suit anybody’s taste. For this dish, also known as ‘shirred eggs’, we chose a filling of fresh leek and mushrooms and requested a seasoning of some fresh parsley and chives on top with a generous sprinkle of smoked paprika powder. We requested extra cream with the filling as I don’t like runny yolk. Having piping hot baked eggs with some toasted bread and grilled vegetables was heavenly. As expected, the yolk had successfully bound all the flavors of the earthy mushrooms and the crunch of the leek together, while the cream had helped the filling to remain moist. I still dream about having a lovely conversation with my family in the French countryside while digging into one of these tempting classic French meals with some flavourful Camembert or Brie.

-Chaitra Arjunpuri, Doha (@carjunpuri)


Çılbır, Dehradun

My favourite egg dish was the Turkish recipe çılbır. I was first introduced to this recipe in Dehradun, at the Roseate hotel. The Chef insisted on trying their Turkish egg specialty and I agreed. Imagine a small plate-size bowl with a layer of whipped/hung curd, topped with two poached eggs right in the centre (as if they were two cute cartoon eyes looking at you), with some oil and red colour from chili adding the glow and the tone to the egg. Not only did I thank the Chef for introducing it to me, I went on to have the dish for the next two mornings of my stay.

-Anuj Nangia, Gurgaon (@photosoohlala)


Readers' Responses: Egg Static Endeavours

Menemen, another Turkish speciality (top); Eggs benedict, a classic egg recipe (bottom).


Tamagoyaki, Tokyo

Tamagoyaki is several layers of eggs beaten into a rolled omelette. The rolling of eggs in a rectangular pan called tamagoyakiki is a delight to watch. The fluffy and luscious omelette just melts in your mouth. Served with miso soup and steamed rice, this dish is a perfect way to relish eggs in the many restaurants of Tokyo. There are many  varieties of tamagoyaki that are available, and some even include sake. When in Japan, this is a must-try. Try to catch it in places where there is a live counter and you can see the rolling in action!

-Laxmy Surendran, Bangalore (@laxmysurendran)


Eggs Kejriwal, Mumbai

I’ve had many versions of Eggs Kejriwal in Mumbai, some very heavy—loaded with cheese, some with toppings like mushrooms, and some really spicy, with way too many green chillies. But Bombay Canteen keeps its simple, and hence has the best version in my opinion: a sunny side egg, some cheese, just the right amount of green chillies and a very delicious chutney, which is the star of the show. Turkish Eggs is another favourite, and I order them from Nutcracker in Mumbai frequently. I never thought yoghurt and poached eggs can go well together till I tried them, but these are wow.

-Moneesh Chakravarty, Mumbai (@moneeshc)


Egg Tarts, Goa and Hong Kong

For me, it has to be the sweet and crusty egg tarts that I used to chow down with coffee at a small bakery in Vagator, Goa. The tarts were very similar to the ones that I had in Hong Kong.

-Chayanika Moulik (@chayanika_moulik)


Koch, Bihar

Once I visited the Valmiki Nagar area in West Champaran district of Bihar. There, I had the chance to eat a special egg dish named koch, a Champaran special. It was cooked in a ladle (kalchul), mixed with onion, green chili, salt, garlic, mild spices, and was half-fried. It was certainly a very exclusive experience for me.

-Nikhilesh Giri (@nikhileshgiri07)


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