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Sponsored: Adventures Galore in Fiji

On water, on land and in the air, quench your thirst for adventure.  
Sponsored: Adventures Galore in Fiji 2
Photo courtesy: Tourism Fiji

Fiji is a haven for enthusiasts looking to explore adrenaline pumping adventures on their vacation. On either side of the relaxing sandy beaches that the islands are known for, lire exciting adventures on land, in the waters and also in the air!

The pristine waters of Fiji’s coastline are unique in many ways. At a time when coral reefs are under threat the world over, Fiji boasts of the most beautiful sights that can be captured underwater, with these wonderful formations dotting the coasts, including the Great Sea Reef and the great Astrolabe Reef. Apart from the corals, a variety of marine life calls these waters their home, making Fiji an ideal destination for scuba diving and snorkelling, with diving hotspots at Pacific Harbor and Beqa Lagoon at Viti Levu, and the Taveuni-Somosomo Strait in North-East Fiji.

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Photo courtesy: Tourism Fiji

For those water babies who prefer to stay above water, get your surf on and brave waves as they crash from a height of up to 20 feet in a phenomenon called the cloud break wave which attracts professional surfers from around the world. Not that experienced, yet? Just rent a surfboard and sign up for instructional classes – whether a surfer or not, experiencing the wind in your hair as the surfboard glides you across the frothy waters under the sun is a bucket-list worthy experience. Apart from these staples, a novel way to enjoy the waters and the beauty of the island is by canoeing, kayaking or rafting down furious rapids along the Navua River, an experience that takes you through freshwater, marine and terrestrial ecosystems, making it a complete package.

From the serene waters, traverse beyond the beaches and behold a completely different side to Fiji – a landscape dominated by lush green forests and hills as far as the eye can see. Punctuated with gurgling streams and waterfalls, this environ is captivating and can be enjoyed in many different ways. Get in a quad bike for an edge-of-the-seat off-roading experience or take a leisurely hike into the heart of the islands for a breath of fresh air.

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Photo courtesy: Tourism Fiji

If it is the thrill of a four wheel drive safari you seek, choose from tailored packages that take you through forests, waterfalls and quaint villages in Fiji’s interiors. Another one-of-a-kind offering is the off-road cave safari which takes you along the mighty Sigatoka River all the way to the Naihehe Caves, Fiji’s largest cave complex, with a thrilling history. For a more relaxed excursion, get an early start and discover the verdant expanse on foot. Along the way, stop and admire the endemic species of wildlife like iguanas and Hawksbill Sea Turtles at wildlife parks and nature reserves like the Kula Wild Adventure Park or the garden island, Taveuni. On Taveuni you can also trek to Fiji’s third highest mountain, Des Voeux Peak. For a completely unique trekking experience, tread the path to Lake Tagimaucia, a natural crater lake, situated over 800 metres above sea level. The uniqueness of the lake also extends to the flora around – you might just chance upon the extremely rare Tagimaucia flower which blooms between October and December. Another novel way to take in Fiji’s hills and canopies is zip-lining. As you feel the wind in your face, glance downwards to feel the thrill of flying, that too at insane speeds! The zip-line can be experienced at many water parks and adventure parks in Fiji like Big Bula Water Park, Kula Wild Adventure Park and ZipFiji.

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Photo courtesy: Tourism Fiji

One cannot leave Fiji without taking part in probably the most thrilling adventure of all, skydiving at Denarau. Through Tandem SkyDive Fiji or Free fall Fiji, adrenaline junkies can experience freefall from over 14000 feet up in the sky! The sheer thrill aside, the best part of this skydive is its perfect location; the white sandy beaches and the beautiful coral reefs along the coasts of Denarau and the Mamanuca Islands, when seen from high up in the air, is truly a sight to behold! Moreover, the feeling of hurtling through space at insane speeds during the freefall will stay with you long after the skydive ends. Whatever might be your adventurous cup of tea, we bet you can find it in good measure in Fiji!

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