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Heed the Call of the Wilderness

Cascading, misty hills. Magical rainforests. The sounds of the wild. Fall in love with natural wonders at Wayanad Wild.

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Escape to Wayanad Wild, and rediscover romance in the neck of the woods. A CGH Earth destination that’s surrounded by the lush rainforests of Wayanad and the Western Ghats, here you will find a land blessed by untouched nature. As the monsoons descend on the forests, the woods are painted in vibrant greens, and the hills are shrouded in mist.

Wayanad Wild is an ideal off-road destination, where the noises of your daily lives are replaced by the chirping of birds, and the gushing of streams. Wake up to misty mornings and greet the Malabar squirrel perched on a tree right next to you. Stroll hand-in-hand up verdant hilltops and take in a magical view together.

While you can seek adventure on a Jeep Safari, these woods are best explored on foot. Head out on a guided nature walk with the resident naturalist, and encounter delightful flora and fauna at every turn. The stunning hills and forests are a photographer’s dream come true. Keep your eyes trained on the skies and treetops, to spot many colourful, rare birds on a bird-watching walk. And if you want to witness the woods tinted by moonlight, come nightfall, you can venture out for a night expedition. The naturalist will introduce you to the many small creatures that begin their day once the sun has set.

Once you’ve discovered the secrets within the property, you’ll find that there’s plenty more to experience in the surrounding hilltops. Tour the lush green tea factories that pepper the hills, and sample hot cups of freshly ground chai. If weather permits, you can glide through the crystal-clear waters of Anoothupuzha on a bamboo raft, or go zip-lining and experience the breathtaking hills blur past you.

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A trek into the heart of the woods with the resident naturalist reveals many delightful surprises. Photo courtesy: CGH Earth

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Mornings at Wayanad Wild bring with it a veil of mist and the chorus of lively birdsong. Photo courtesy: CGH Earth


The rooms themselves are entwined with surrounding nature, cocooning you in an unforgettable view. Look out from the balcony and watch the tree lines unfurl down the slopes. Wayanad Wild is set unobtrusively in nature’s backyard, leaving the trees on the sloped terrain untouched, and surrounding you with the gentle rustle of leaves. The rooms have no TVs, allowing you to tune into the marvels of wilderness that surround you without any distractions.

As with all CGH Earth destinations, ‘local’ is central to the culinary vision – all ingredients are sourced from neighbouring markets, or grown on native soil. Taste the distinctive flavours of ‘Paalthondi’ rice, a special bamboo rice painstakingly gathered and cleaned to make sweet rice pudding known as ‘Payasam’. The hallmark of Wayanad Wild’s menu is a delicious blend of innovation and wholesomeness.

With every passing moment, you’ll find yourself entranced by the whimsical charms of nature. Even the swimming pool offers front-row seats to the spectacles of the jungle. Emerge from a holiday at Wayanad Wild with the indomitable glow of an everlasting bond – not just with your loved ones, but with the wondrous world around you.


To know more about Wayanad Wild, visit www.cghearth.com/wayanad-wild or write to us at contact@cghearth.com. Follow Wayanad Wild on FacebookInstagram & Twitter.

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