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Explore Antarctica with The Q. Photo Courtesy: The Q

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Welcome to stories that were never told before, incredible bespoke travel experiences that have been handcrafted with care. At The Q Experiences, personalized travel stories are weaved based on the oeuvre of ‘Luxury Travel Reimagined’! An award winning experiential travel organization, the Q Experiences, is known to enable unique curations driven by the passion for imbibing the untamed and the wild, touched with a luxury that is larger than life.  Experiences from as wide as sailing through endless stretches of grey wilderness to pedaling along lush vineyards are curated by the Q.


The White Continent

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Trek through the snow-clad land of the seventh continent. Photo Courtesy: The Q

Sponsored | Luxury and Wellness with The Q: An Adventure of a Lifetime Awaits 1

Get up close with the humpback whales. Photo Courtesy: The Q


You are in the middle of nowhere. All you see around is ice floating on the surface of the ocean and hear is the call of the untamed winds. The cold white wisps of the Antarctican air envelops you as the ship glides gracefully, breaking the ice as under as it moves ahead. Time stands still on the icy vastness of the White Continent. The sun never goes down on the 100 shades of white as you warm up or should we say cool down to eleven days of a never-before-seen adventure. It’s surreal!

A journey to the Seventh Continent takes you through the beautiful streets of Argentina in Buenos Aires and Ushuaia. A colourful multicultural country brimming with sounds of music, dance and laughter, best to be explored on foot. This is where you embark on a fabulous journey to Antarctica on a luxury yacht that evokes of grand opulence.

The Majestic Explorer is carefully designed to explore the polar regions in the lap of luxury. An all balcony suites ship, open bars, fine-dine restaurants, wellness spas & salons, this ship is perfectly equipped to give you an experience of a lifetime including close encounters with the abundance of wild life.

A team of naturalists lead the expeditions with an aim to expose you to the nature of the White Continent. You get a variety of experiences including a stop at the museum and the research center to share a drink with the scientists or to witness a variety of penguins, seals and whales in their natural habitat. The journey takes you through volcanic and glacial areas, for zodiac cruises and landings. This magical journey ends at Deception Island that is home to the largest colony of chinstrap penguins, elephant seals and fur Seals.

Indulge in Michelin Star meals tastefully crafted by the culinary experts onboard, Chef Atul Kochhar and the Alain Ducasse Conseil who ensure you are totally spoilt for choice. Looking out from your uber luxurious suites is a sight of the endless horizons of white and blue. Explore the unexplored as you bring in the New Year onboard.

Date of journey: 27th December 2018 to 9th January 2019

This trip includes a 3 day pre-cruise Argentinian experience including Buenos Aires (Hilton Hotel) and Ushuaia (Arakur Resort).

Your tryst with luxury at INR 9,60,000/-per person.

Bookings close: 15th September 2018

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The Polar Bear Alley

Sponsored: Frigid Landmasses, Furry White Bears and Wine Swirls 1

A polar bear. Photo Courtesy: The Q

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The Northern Lights leave everyone equally spellbound. Photo Courtesy: The Q



Wrapped in Northern Lights at the far end of the world there lies quaint little Polar Bear Cabins along the western coast of Hudson Bay. This is The Q’s magnum opus, by far the most daring foray into breaking the ice between the polar bear and You.

The northernmost part of the Earth, the Arctic, derives its name from the Greek word ‘arktos.’ Arktos refers to the northern constellation of the Bear. The sight of magnificent beast against the snowy white landscape is breathtaking. So is rest of the Arctic wildlife that is sure to delight the lens of your camera, making it a photographer’s paradise. Local Inuits who have lived in these extreme climatic conditions since centuries are called upon to assure you of real and rustic encounters.

The designers at The Q ensure you are well looked after in these extreme temperatures, giving special attention to your dietary needs and attire. Luxury diners are laid out to indulge your taste buds.

Your Arctic adventures is designed only for 8 lucky travelers, the journey begins with a night’s stay in a charming boutique hotel near the Winnipeg airport, where you board a private jet that takes you from Churchill, Mantioba to the Polar Bear cabins at Hudson Bay. A 40-minute flight over the Polar Bear migratory route that will give you some incredible aerial photography opportunities.

Apart from capturing the snow-white bears there are Arctic terns, hares and owls. If you are lucky, you might even catch the mystical wolverines prowling in the mellow lights of dusk or dawn. Set your tripod up inside the protective, unobtrusive electric fence that surrounds the camp. In the company of local guides and Arctic Kingdom staff, wait for the perfect close-up of the polar bears that wander by.

The north-western parts of Canada are also known to witness the best of the Aurora Borealis. A perfect spot under the Northern Lights is chosen to witness this mesmerizing dance of shadows and light. As you capture the Arctic wildlife in your cameras by the day, the Northern lights will envelop your senses at night.

The Arctic landscape holds wonders which will fill up the pages of your travelogue with stunning pictures that leave an indelible impression in your mind.

Date of journey: 30th October 2018 to 6th November 2018

Your tryst with luxury at INR 8,35,000/-per person.

Bookings close: 15th September 2018

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Ciclo Portugal with Milind Soman

Sponsored: Frigid Landmasses, Furry White Bears and Wine Swirls 2

Cycling in Portugal. Photo Courtesy: The Q

Sponsored | Luxury and Wellness with The Q: An Adventure of a Lifetime Awaits 3

Pedal across cobblestone villages with Milind Soman – Wellness Ambassador at The Q. Photo Courtesy: The Q



The Q, in its latest edition, is ready to take you on a journey to rediscover timeless luxuries in Portugal. While you have been cruising on to the end of the world, you will now be pedaling to bask in the Mediterranean sun with their wellness ambassador Milind Soman.

Down the tiny lanes of Portugal on a bicycle, by the pretty and dainty sidewalk cafes, you will feel the warm country air brushing aside your hair. With the melancholic strains of the fado subsiding in the distant, soak in the oldest timescapes of one of the luxuriant countries in Europe.

Expect nothing short of a royal welcome in this specially handcrafted trip that combines the best of luxury with wellness. On arrival at the Lisbon Airport you will be steered to the magnificent palatial Placete Do Cacau at the heart of the historic Montemor-O-Novo. Also, called the Royal Palace Cocoa Company, this Portuguese grandeur happens to be a part of a chocolate factory.

Pedal alongside their charming fitness and wellness ambassador, Milind Soman and experience this gorgeous country while you Ciclo your way around Portugal. You will be biking around the UNESCO sites of Evora, immersing yourself in the rich history of city with its beautiful cathedrals and museums while assimilating the culture of these spaces. Thereon wind along the lanes through the abundant wine cellars and cork fields that dot the beautiful sun kissed countryside of Alentejo, swirl in a mouthful of the precious Limited edition- Pera Manca. Spend your evenings indulging in vintage wines and olive oils. Wine and dine with chic exclusively at Divinus, the Convent’s most prestigious and oldest wine cellar. A true paradise for the wine and food lovers.

In Evora, you are put up at The Convento do Espinheiro Luxury Collection Hotel & Spa, looked after by The Royal family of Portugal ensuring an experience of a lifetime at this historically rich and religious retreat. It is now your turn to relax in accentuated grandiloquence.

The last lap at the Lisbon belvederes and patios will make you appreciate the colonial struggle that the city has gone through. Here, by the calmness of the Tagus River, you will be staying at Cristiano Ronaldo’s very own Hotel, Pestana CR7 Lisboa. The intensive biking experience ends with Q’s customary touch of luxo, the therapeutic spa that relaxes those strained sinews. The memories you will make under the Mediterranean sun are here to stay with you for a lifetime.

Date of journey: 29th October 2018 to 4th November 2018

Your tryst with luxury at INR 5,21,500/- per person all incl.

Bookings close: 15th September 2018

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To know more visit www.theqexperiences.com and www.thewhitecontinent.comContact hello@theqexperiences.com to help The Q craft your travel experiences. Call us on +912243668888 / +91 8805168888 to book your experience as we have limited inventory.

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