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Sponsored: Presenting the Bulanaires of the World!

This International Day of Happiness, Tourism Fiji invites you to celebrate with our Bulanaires as we share our Bula Spirit with the world in a new way.  
Sponsored: Presenting the Bula-naires of the World! 2
Photo courtesy: Bulanaire

The land of unmatched natural beauty and serenity is made all the more special thanks to its people, the ever-smiling Fijians.

While greetings in most other languages are mere salutations or shows of respect, Bula translates to life! Yes, by saying Bula to someone, you literally wish life and happiness unto them, perfectly encapsulating the infectious spirit of happiness in just one word. While the word is used instead of hello, the ubiquitous Bula is not just a greeting, but an emblem of the happiness that Fijian culture embodies so well.

To celebrate this spirit, Tourism Fiji is launching the Bulanaires platform today, March 20th, as we globally recognize it as the International Day of Happiness.

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Photo courtesy: Bulanaire

Happiness is something that the world can always do with more of. In fact the Gallup International Hope, Happiness and Economic Optimism Survey 2017 showed that happiness is on the decline around the world. In such a time, the one-of-a-kind Bulanaire campaign hopes to start a global conversation about happiness and making the world a happier place.

Who is a Bulanaire?

Tourism Fiji presents Bulanaires, people who are rich in happiness. This International Day of Happiness, we celebrate a list of Bulanaires from Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, India Asia and Europe and congratulate them for their positive outlook and adopting the ‘Bula’ way of life.

How can you spread the ‘Bula’ spirit?

Share, like and comment on Tourism Fiji’s Bulanaires social media posts

Create (and re-share) pictures and videos related to happiness, the Bula Spirit and Bulanaires

Tag your own happiness posts with #Bulanaires


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