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Taiwan Photo Story

Tantalisingly Taiwan

Outside of charming temple towns, the ecological paradise of Hengchun Peninsula is a magnet for scuba divers, hikers, bikers and birdwatchers.

Straddling the region’s southernmost tip, Taiwan’s Hengchun Peninsula is a sensory delight. Here, you can gape at the Qing dynasty gates in the Hengchun township till you are aware of its historical and architectural magnificence. Throw yourself into the carnival that is its Sunday market—taking in the heady smells of baobing or fried squid-on-stick. Nibble on a shaved ice dessert that offers the eccentricity of moong, sweet corn and grass jelly paired with condensed milk. Discover the ecological wonders of Kenting National Park. There’s snorkeling in Wanlitong, if you are hoping to delve into the secrets of the ocean. There’s a whole world of sounds, colours, tastes and scents to be chased.

  • Karen Dias is a photographer who shuttles between Mumbai and Goa. When she isn’t shooting, she can be found reading, drinking feni, and planning her next big adventure. She instagrams as @diastopia.

  • Ozzie Hoppe is a documentary photographer from New York. He works on personal projects across Latin America and Asia. When he's not photographing, he can be found surfing.

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