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Viva la Vegan

Bite into flaky pastries, juicy burgers and vegan paté at these meatless restaurants around the world.  
Viva la Vegan
With its vegan ragout , plant-based ice creams and cheeseboards, Berlin-based restaurant, Kopps, serves up art on plates. Photo Courtesy: Restaurant Kopps

Nanuchka, Tel Aviv

Aromas of the kitchens of Georgia waft from the kitchen at Tel Aviv’s Nanuchka. Hailed as the world’s first vegan Georgian restaurant, Nanuchka serves amruli khachapuri, the crumbly traditional Georgian pastry, and stuffs it with soy cheese and spinach instead of meat. Patrons sip Georgian red wine Kindzmarauli and take in Nanuchka’s artsy vibe and walls covered with works by famous Israeli artists. Vegans are in good company in Tel Aviv; in 2014, Israeli soldiers protested against lack of vegan food served in the armed forces, and got their way (


Kopps, Berlin

Kopps is sacred ground for any vegan in Berlin who swears by his or her food philosophy. The fine-dining restaurant’s Turkish-German owner cooks black rice with black root, endive, apple, and walnut. He flecks sweet-potato-and-leek paté with orange, fennel, and pumpkin seeds. Whether it is their pretty-looking apple crumble vanilla or a glass of organic wine, Kopps knows how to serve vegan in style (


Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ, Portland

Ranked as the U.S.A.’s top vegan-friendly city in 2016, Portland is catnip for lovers of meatless indulgences. In addition to fine-dining spots and a vegan mini-mall with a bakery, a clothing shop, and a tattoo parlour, the city is home to Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ. The establishment’s mobile cart and deli offer scrumptious comfort food: think burgers with a seitan (wheat gluten) patty, burritos made with tempeh (soy substitute for meat), and Mac No-Cheese (


Ooh Cha Cha, Taipei

No vegan food crawl in Taipei is complete without popping into Ooh Cha Cha. The plant-based café is great taste unleashed: multigrain sourdough toasts are slathered with walnuts, almond ricotta, and mushroom pate, and smoothies pack oodles of health goodness. The café’s hot Vietnamese bowl meals are flavour bombs complete with lemongrass, seaweed, and pickled vegetables (


Flying Duck, Glasgow

Raucous pub quizzes, gigs and film screenings while biting into a vegan version of the German sausage dish, currywurst, anyone? Head to Glasgow’s much-loved underground bar, Flying Duck. Its groove metre never seems to dip, and neither does its imagination when it comes to vegan cuisine: the bar hosts monthly vegan fetes and serves “pulled pork”, melt-in-the-mouth doughnuts, and shakes blended with vodka and Kahlua (

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