“Mama, do you see that echo?” my daughter asked. “On the wall there, looking at me.” She was three years old, and it was her first visit to Phnom Penh, the city of my birth. “Why are there so many in Cambodia?”


    When someone mentions ramen, you probably think of those store-bought dried noodles you bring to life with boiling water and a packet of spices. In Tokyo, ramen noodle soup is not fast food; it’s an art form. Complexly flavoured, the perfect bowl of ramen combines clear broth with wheat noodles, slices of roasted pork, seasoned bamboo shoots, and chopped green onions. This aromatic stock—meat, vegetable, or seafood—contains up to 40 ingredients and is simmered for hours. The noodles, from thin to wavy, are aged for up to ten days in a cool place to achieve their peak flavour and texture.


    I stare at the two forts facing each other. Amer Fort and Palace rises above the highway, splayed on a hillock in leisurely multilayered splendour. Jaigarh Fort is far away, yet it looks severe and forbidding atop a hill. It’s hard to believe that the expanse of land between the two is riddled with underground passages. In 2012, one of these was opened to the public, though few visitors know this. I impatiently pass the crowds in the Amer Fort premises, making my way to an innocuous, arched opening in a wall.



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    Interview on Radio One Mumbai

    Listen to Nat Geo Traveller India's Editor-in-Chief Niloufer Venkatraman and Publishing Director Manas Mohan talk to RJ Hrishi K about the magazine's first anniversary issue.

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    Cartwheels in Christchurch

    “Just ask where the circus people live. See you then!” These were definitely the vaguest directions I had ever received. Yet, there I was a month later, walking around the streets of Christchurch in New Zealand, hoping to find my host with these fuzzy directions. Mary, who I had met only briefly in Auckland, had invited me to spend time with her and the students of Circo Arts, a university of circus performance. It felt a little silly asking the convenience store owner about the “circus people.” But he didn’t seem baffled by my question, “It’s in the next lane, towards the end. You’ll see the flags.”

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    I took a few days off to kick back and enjoy a balcony with a mountain view in McLeod Ganj earlier this month. It was my first time there, so I was expecting big things based on all I’ve heard and read about the place. I got there early on a Friday morning, when the town was just waking up

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    One of the first posts up on our nascent Facebook page asks readers why we travel. The answers have been varied: From food to curiosity, to the desire for new sights, smells and experiences.