Sponsored | Capturing Hola Mohalla's Splendour with my Vivo | Nat Geo Traveller India

Sponsored | Capturing Hola Mohalla’s Splendour with my Vivo

Diving into the spectacle of the Anandpur Sahib Hola Mohalla, a festival of valour and might, with the Vivo V15 Pro.  
Sponsored | Capturing Hola Mohalla's Splendour with my Vivo 1
Photo Courtesy: Vivo

Photography holds a different meaning to each individual. While some find their depth in the serene landscapes, others find their true calling in the middle of a crowded city. For National Geographic photographer Nirvair Singh Rai, It has always been a medium to connect with the people on a deeper level. And if its a spectacle as brilliant as Hola Mohalla, the impact is ever lasting.  Join Him as he embarks on a beautiful journey reliving the centuries old traditions mixed with the ever cheerful spirit of the mystic Nihangs. With his trusted Vivo V15 Pro by his side, the colours , the celebrations and the charm all combine to create enigmatic memories that are sure to last a long time.

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